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March 2017

Each month I provide an update on my work.

Budget: I didn’t expect much from a Government whose prime minister thinks that an average working class family worries about paying the mortgage. Well in London we all know that those not lucky enough to be already on the housing ladder worry about paying the rent, and having a mortgage is a distant and unlikely dream. So I wasn’t surprised that last week’s budget didn’t start to address this country’s problems created by seven years of Tory failure. There was nothing to deal with the living standards crisis, it won’t solve the state of emergency in our NHS and social care system, and it didn’t do enough to build a fair economy where all can benefit. After years of cuts disproportionately affecting women, this Budget did nothing to address that inequality. This is a budget built on unfairness. And while doing nothing to address inequality and the crisis in our public services, Philip Hammond used his first Budget to continue his tax giveaway to the rich. Labour has calculated, using official figures, that policy measures introduced by the Tories since 2010, will by 2022, hand over £70 billion via corporation tax breaks, Capital Gains Tax, inheritance tax, their failure on the bank levy and on tackling tax avoidance. Labour’s existing commitments total around £63bn in additional spending, which could be funded by a Government making different choices.

Last Thursday in the chamber I asked David Davies, the Brexit Secretary, to explain the difference between frictionless trade deals and tariff and barrier-free trade deals. He didn’t give a coherent response. I spoke in a debate on surface access to Heathrow with local MPs Sarah Olney and Tania Mathias, and yet again the Transport Minister was full of warm words. However he did conclude by “we will proceed with the expansion of Heathrow only on the basis that it is conducted in a diligent, through an sustainable way”. That could be interpreted in any number of ways! I also raised concerns about the implication of the Murdoch takeover of Sky, given that over 8000 people work at their Ostlerley campus.

The government has launched the 16-week consultation for Runway 3 with leaflets, and on-line portal. They  are having a series of all-day events.The exhibitions raise more qustions than they answer, but you may want to ask one or more of the following;

  • How many more flights will there be? (It has been stated a quarter of a million more planes a year will use Heathrow - an increase of almost 50%)
  • Where will the new approach paths go within 6 miles of the runway? (it's not impossible to work out that the approach path will be over the north side of Chiswick, then Brentford, Osterley and Heston, and there can be no variation that close to the airport, so why won't the DfT clarify?)
  • Will the respite periods for the approach to the current runways remain 8 hours or be retained?
  • Who will pay the cost (up to £15bn) for the new roads and railways needed for the 3rd runway - the taxpayer or airline passengers?
  • What will the health impacts be due to additional noise and pollution, and how will noise and pollution issues be addressed and mitigated?
  • What will be the additional safety risk of a plane catastrophe with a third runway? -and how would the ground-based consequences compare with the consequences for the much less heavily populated Gatwick area should the worst happen?
  • Will there be independent scrutiny of how the airport operates, in terms of noise, and air pollution?
  • What climate change emissions would there be and how would they affect the UK's carbon emissions targets?

I have worked with a group of local residents to set up Brentford & Hounslow Stop Heathrow Expansion - 

twitter: @bashrunway3
There is also a facebook page and website.
Street Stall in Hounslow High Street on 11 th March

Public Meeting re Runway 3 at Brentford Free Church Tuesday 21 st March,7.30pm


I asked the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling why residents in Chiswick, Brentford and Osterley aren’t being told that the third Runway means they will be under the flight path to Runway 3, and offered him the opportunity to meet people here. Yet again he ducked my question. I have pushed the Local Government Secretary to explain why Councils aren’t able to build housing that is affordable to those on low incomes.


I have spoken on Palestinian settlements and raised concerns about the different democratic rights between Israeli settlers and Palestinians living in the West Bank. I have asked written questions on the level of availability of hospital beds, oncycling investmenst and on local authority social care budgets. To get email updates of my Parliamentary activity go to


Seema Malhotra MP and I met Head teachers and Chairs of Governors to hear first-hand of the cuts having to be made in schools now to deal with rising costs and stand-still budgets, and also to hear their    concerns about the National Funding Formula that will have a devastating effect on schools in future. We will be submitting their comments and our concerns to the current Government consultation. It was a pleasure to attend the 90 th anniversary of Hounslow’s Royal British Legion, welcome Daniel who designed my 2016 Christmas card to Parliament, and to attend the Mayor’s charity dinnerwhere I was pleased to get £140 for Ajmer’s charities when my hsuband Nick auctioned off a signed bottle of Mr Speaker’s Whisky.


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