Brexit and the economy

I campaigned for a Remain vote and Brentford & Isleworth constituency voted to remain in the EU.  I understand that this is an issue that evokes strong feelings on both side of this argument, as the numerous messages I received have shown.

The British people did not vote to leave the Single Market or the Customs Union. Many British jobs depend on our trading relationships with EU countries – 40% of UK exports are to the EU. For the sake of our national and local economy, for our rights at work and as consumers, for our environment, for the sake of EU citizens living and working here and because so many constituents asked me to, I voted against triggering Article 50.

It is vital that whichever party takes forward the negotiations with the EU as a result of the General Election, the negations are focused on the best outcome for our citizens and businesses, on protecting workers’ and consumer rights, and on environmental protection. And that parliamentarians, as your representatives, are given the opportunity to approve and vote in parliament on the final deal. 

Why I'm backing Ruth

"The signle market enables my company to trade freely and move our goods cost-effectively throughout Europe. Ruth Cadbury has demonstrated that she is fully committed to doing her utmost to support the values of constituents and businesses who are deeply concerned about the consequences of hard Brexit."

- Debbie Leon, MD, Fashionzer, Chiswick