Don't scrap the over 75s free TV licence

After the decision from the BBC licence consultation to scrap the free TV licences for over 75s, Ruth Cadbury MP has called out the government for its 'broken promises' and for 'betraying millions of older people'.

Speaking after the announcement, Ruth Cadbury MP,

''It's outrageous that the Government are breaking a manifesto commitment by scrapping the free licence fee for over 75s. This is a betrayal for millions of older people, and by limiting it to people who receive pension credits, the Government have taken the free TV license away from over 5,000 people in my constituency.

Means testing the free licence to those who receive pension credit isn't the answer. Research by Age UK shows that over 1 million pensioners who are entitled to pension credits don't receive it, either because they don't know they can claim, or because they feel embarrassed about doing so. Likewise those who are disabled, or severely ill will not receive any support, or help.

This is yet another ruthless welfare cut, which will hit vulnerable people in society, whilst Tory leadership candidates are boasting about who can offer the biggest tax break for the richest in society.

The Government need to reverse this decision immediately, and stand up for the millions of older people who will be hit by this cut.