Fighting for a better Heathrow

For decades, Heathrow has supported thousands of jobs and business and it will continue to do so as the UK’s premier Airport.

But another runway with a 50 per cent increase in flights is a price too high. I have been relentless in challenging Theresa May’s Government on its impact here. A third runway will create yet more traffic, taking air pollution to dangerous levels. Air pollution already causes hundreds pf premature deaths and blights our children’s health.

With another runway the whole of this constituency will experience unacceptable high noise levels, day and night. The approach path over north Osterley, Brentford and north Chiswick will mean much more noise for tens of thousands of extra people who are not currently in a high-noise area.

We know that the 8-hour respite periods for those under the existing approaches in Isleworth and Hounslow will be cut. Of course I am committed to improving the UK’s connections with the rest of the world, particularly to emerging world markets. But the cost, the safety risk and the impact on our communities doesn’t justify the marginal economic benefit that expansion is alleged to bring to the UK.

There are better solutions to the UK’s aviation capacity problems. I was less noise and air pollution and I want Heathrow to be better, not bigger.