Housing crisis debated in Parliament

Today London MPs demanded that the government acknowledges it is responsible for the scale of the housing crisis in London. MPs called for the government to work with the new Mayor of London and London councils to deliver truly affordable housing.

Ruth Cadbury, member of parliament for Brentford and Isleworth led a debate today on affordable housing in London and members from across the political spectrum took part in the debate and spoke passionately about the housing crisis that is affecting all Londoners regardless of race, income and background.

Ruth said: ‘Living in London should not be seen as a privilege, not only should our constituents have the right to live in London, but London needs people to keep our great city’s economy and public services going. The lack of affordable housing in London has a knock on effect in both the public and private sector, with employers telling me that they are facing a recruitment and retention crisis.’

‘This crisis is hurting those on low wages but also those on middle incomes such as teachers and social workers who earn what would be considered a good wage but simply do not earn enough to get a foot on the housing ladder. The Chancellor acknowledged that there was a real problem with London’s housing crisis at Prime Ministers Question time last month but they are introducing a Housing and Planning bill which will exacerbate the crisis, not end it.’

The average rent in London is now £1500 per month1 and the average sale price of a property in Brentford and Isleworth is £767,8452, much higher than the national average.