New Brexit proposals are unworkable and unacceptable

After the Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled his new proposals for re-negotiations with the European Union, Ruth Cadbury MP has called out the Prime Minister for his ‘unworkable and unacceptable’ proposals, whilst reaffirming the need for a public vote on Brexit.

The new proposals put forward by Boris Johnson would create two borders- one between the UK and Northern Ireland, and other between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In addition to this, the proposal has removed the promise of a ‘level playing field’ between UK and EU rules- meaning the UK government could lower standards on a range of environmental and social protections.

Speaking after the release of the plans Ruth said,

‘‘These new proposals are unworkable, and unacceptable- and Boris Johnson knows this.

It’s simply unacceptable that the Government are going to use Brexit as a way of watering down environmental protections and scrapping hard won social rights. Whether you voted leave or remain this was not was what offered in the 2016 referendum.

Rather than listening to business leaders, industry groups or communities in Northern Ireland, the Government have pushed forward with a narrow-minded hard Brexit. This Prime Minister has still not accepted that a hard Brexit is incompatible with upholding the Good Friday Agreement, and the extremely important peace process in Northern Ireland.

Likewise the Prime Minister has still not accepted the damage that Brexit will do to our economy, both here in London and across the UK. We know from the Governments own figures that this will cost our economy £33 billion in the long term.

The public, not MPs, need to have the final say on Brexit. These proposals are a million miles away from the promises made by the Leave Campaign, and I know that people want to have their say.
I will keep fighting for a public vote on any Brexit Deal, whilst stopping the disastrous threat of a no deal exit from the EU.’’