After seven years of Tory mismanagement, our health service is dangerously understaffed, overstretched and under threat. It can take four weeks to see your GP here and more people locally are telling me their operations have been delayed or cancelled. On top of that, waiting times in A&E and diagnostic turn-around times are getting longer. Despite this, the Tory Government still plans to go ahead with closure of the A&E at Charing Cross Hospital, knowing full well that West Middlesex and St Mary’s Paddington won’t be able to cope.

You need an MP who’ll hold the Government’s feet to the fire, not downplay the threat they pose to the NHS. This is a fight we can win. I’m determined to make sure that we do. Labour will invest in the NHS properly, addressing the staffing crisis – which will be compounded by Brexit – reintroduce nurses training bursaries and focus on the urgent need to improve mental health services.

We can never compromise on patient safety. We have to put patients’ needs first and meet the targets on cancer treatment waiting times. We must ensure the NSH has all the nurses, midwives and paramedics that we need.