Our police are still facing a funding crisis

In response to yesterday's announcement by the government about police funding Ruth Cadbury MP has said it's vital for the public to 'ignore the spin, and remember that our police are still facing a funding crisis'.

Speaking after the announcement, Ruth said,

'This proves that the government still haven't woken up to just how damaging police cuts have been for Londoners. The £1 billion in cuts that have been imposed on the Metropolitan Police have caused us to lose over 3,000 police officers across London, whilst crime rates have soared. The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick has said herself that these cuts have contributed to the rise in violent crime.

I've seen the impact first-hand in Hounslow where we've lost over 80 police, and community support officers. If the Government truly want to make a difference they need to reverse all of the £1 billion cuts they've made to the Met Police, and reinvest in proper community policing. Anything less simply won't be enough.''