Ruth Cadbury MP on new knife crime statistics

Ruth speaking in Parliament

Newly released figures by the Ministry of Justice have revealed a 10 year high in the number of knife crime offences being dealt with by the Criminal Justice System. In addition to this there was a 3% increase in knife crime offences when compared to 2018.

Speaking after the release of these figures Ruth Cadbury MP said,

'With knife crime offences at a ten year high we need urgent action from the Government.

I know from visiting schools, meeting parents and working with community groups just how worried people are about knife crime. We've seen locally the awful impact of violent crime- especially among young people.

We know that vulnerable children as young as seven are being exploited by gangs- and many are being forced to carry knives.

We need to put the full weight of the Government behind tackling this crisis. We need more frontline police on our streets, we need more funding for youth services and we need early intervention programs to identity and support vulnerable young people who are at risk.

The only way we're going to tackle this crisis is by investing in our public services, working together across communities and tackling the root causes of crime. The Government have failed to do this for the last ten years but I hope that these figures will make them wake up the scale of this knife crime crisis.''