Ruth Cadbury MP: Queens Speech shows Boris Johnson is 'ignoring the burning injustices that still face our society'

Ruth Official Photo

Speaking after the Government unveiled its new legislative program in the Queens Speech, Ruth Cadbury has accused Boris Johnson of ''ignoring the burning injustices still facing our society''.

Speaking in reaction to the Queens Speech Ruth Cadbury said,

"Having unsuccessfully tried to shut down Parliament, the Government then forced a State opening. The speech written for the Queen to read was little more than an election gimmick for a party that has no means of delivering its agenda after spectacularly losing its majority in parliament. On top of this the Queens Speech shows that that Boris Johnson and this government are ignoring the burning injustices that still face our society.

Every week I see the impact that this government is having on my constituents. Whether it's families living in cramped accommodation, children forced to go to food banks or parents working two or three jobs just to pay the rent, I know how hard things are for people across our constituency. There's nothing in this Queens Speech that is going to tackle the big issues facing society like child poverty, or the lack of high quality and affordable housing. What we did see was a government more focused on chasing the headlines than on doing the hard work that my constituents need. That's why I will keep standing up in Parliament to push the Government to invest in our communities, and our public services and our children's future.''