Ruth Cadbury MP speaks out in favour of reforming assisted dying law

Ruth speaking in Parliament

Last Thursday Ruth Cadbury MP spoke in favour of supporting a change in the law around assisted dying, to allow terminally ill individuals of sound mind to end their own life. Speaking during the debate, Ruth said ''public opinion is moving behind a change... we owe it to those who know what their final months hold without assisted dying, and who wish to choose the time and place of their passing''.

Ruth also highlighted several misconceptions about assisted dying and pointed out that reform ''is not about frail elderly people who are worried about being a burden, and it is not about vulnerable people who are at risk of being exploited on their death''.

Speaking after the debate, Ruth said

''I believe that we need to reform the law around assisted dying, to ensure that terminally ill patients, who are of sound mind, can have full control over how their life ends.

This is about making sure that people can be in control, taking the medicine themselves, and surrounded by their friends, and family when they wish to die.

The existing law is very unfair in that the only people who can access assisted dying are those who are in good enough health, and wealthy enough to travel to Dignitas in Zurich.

I voted in favour of reforming the law back in 2015 and hope that the government bring forward legislation to reform the law around assisted dying.''