Ruth Cadbury welcomes Labour's support for a public vote on Brexit Deal

Ruth supporting public vote for Brexit

On Monday it was announced that the Labour Party would be formally supporting a second referendum in parliament this week when MPs vote on Brexit. This comes after Labour's conference had democratically agreed to a people's vote in 2018 if Theresa May's deal didn't meet Labour's six tests.

Speaking after this announcement, Ruth Cadbury MP, said ''I support having a public vote with the choice being to approve the Prime Minister's deal, or remaining with the deal we have at present of staying in the EU. I'm therefore delighted that Labour will now be supporting this. I've had around one thousand constituents contact me about Brexit, with the vast majority asking me to support a people's vote.
We know that so much has changed since the 2016 referendum, with the lies of the Leave campaign being exposed. They told us we'd be able to give £350 million to the NHS, they told us we could end freedom of movement and keep unrestricted market access, and they told us our new trade agreement with the EU would be the easiest in history. And in the leave campaign there was no mention of the impact of leaving the UK on our safety and security , on peace and stability in Northern Ireland, and many other issues.

I've had leave voters tell me they would vote remain in a second referendum, and I've had even more tell me to reject Theresa May's weak deal. I believe that the best deal for my constituent's jobs, security and future is to remain in the EU, with our