Ruth comments on Brexit

Ruth Remain Image

Now that we've seen Theresa May Brexit's deal it's clear that the last two years of negotiations have been a complete failure. Her own ministers are resigning, and her backbench MPs are in open revolt. Both her Brexit Deal, and her Government are collapsing before our eyes.

It's clear that this deal will leave our economy poorer, our businesses weaker, our nations more divided and our international reputation in tatters.

I'm concerned about how Brexit will affect our environmental rights. Whilst the UK has agreed not to lower its environmental standards, and has promised to create a 'green watchdog' we still don't fully know what powers this group will have, and how much funding and independence it will be given. There's no point having a watchdog if it doesn't have any teeth.

Likewise the Government haven't committed to setting binding targets on issues like CO2 emissions. As many of you will know, air pollution is a serious issue across our constituency, and presents a great risk in particular to young people at school.

It's also shocking that the Prime Minister has done nothing to reassure young people about how their futures will be impacted by Brexit. The vast majority of people aged 18-24 didn't vote for Brexit, yet they are set to bear the brunt of the impact, through lost earnings, reductions in university funding and the ending of free movement. It's even more worrying that the voices of millions of people who were under 18, and not able in in June 2016 are going to be ignored.

I've had hundreds of emails about Brexit- with the vast majority urging me to vote against Theresa May's deal. As I've said before I will vote against this deal, and I fully support a people's vote, with the option to remain in the EU. I've always said that I will put my constituents first, and I will continue to do that.