Ruth meets climate change campaigners

On Wednesday people from across the UK turned up to Parliament to speak to their MPs about climate change- this included a contingent from Brentford and Isleworth, who met Ruth Cadbury MP to talk about climate change, and discuss what urgent action they want to see taken.

Speaking afterwards Ruth said,

''It was inspiring to see so many people from across my constituency coming in to talk about climate change. I know that people of all ages care passionately about saving our planet, and I share their belief that we need urgent action now.

I spoke, and voted in favour of a climate emergency last month, but I know we need to go so much further to tackle climate change, and reach net zero in emissions. The Government can start by scrapping Heathrow expansion, whilst supporting green energy, such as solar and wind power. We also need to make the UK a world leader on climate change.

I'll keep fighting, working and campaigning in Parliament, and across our community to make sure that we do everything possible to fight climate change.''