Ruth quizzes Transport Secretary

On Thursday Ruth Cadbury MP questioned Transport Secretary Chris Grayling over what financial support the Government would be providing for regional flight routes from Heathrow, and whether these costs would be pushed onto local authorities, who are already strapped for cash.

When questioned, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling could only say that he didn't expect most of the routes to need support. Likewise he couldn't offer any specific information, or reassurances to local authorities, or regions who would lose out on funding.

Speaking after her question, Ruth said ''When the Government sold Heathrow expansion it was under the condition that routes to regional airports, like Glasgow and Newcastle, would be financially supported by the Government if necessary. Now there appears to be a real danger that the government are backtracking, and will seek to pass on the bill to local authorities, who've already faced huge funding cuts.

This is just another example of how the Government haven't been honest about the true impact of Heathrow's expansion; we already know it will increase noise, and air pollution, whilst doing nothing to tackle the UK's commitment to cutting C02 emissions. The Government need to be honest about the true cost of Heathrow expansion.''

The full clip of Ruth's question can be found here-