Ruth statement on Dominic Cummings

Ruth in Westminster

After receiving a large number of emails and messages from local residents about Dominic Cummings, Ruth Cadbury MP has spoken of her anger and frustration at the Prime Ministers failure to provide a proper explanation as to why he has not sacked his chief advisor.

In a full statement Ruth said,

''Local residents have put aside their normal instincts; as parents, as siblings, as children of ageing parents and as friends; in order to keep themselves, our community and our country safe.

So many constituents have told me about the heartache they endured as a result of following the lockdown rules. This included people unable to visit dying parents, those unable to attend funerals or those who've been having to care for children when they were very ill themselves.

For the Prime Minister to condone Cumming's actions is a clear insult to everyone who has followed the lockdown procedure and shows that there is one rule for the Prime Minister's advisors and another rule for everyone else."