Ruth will vote against the Brexit Bill

Speaking before the final vote on Tuesday Ruth said

''I've made it clear to my constituents that I will not vote for any Brexit deal which damages their jobs, public services or security. This deal actively harms all three, and fails to put any adequate protections, or checks in around issues like workplace rights, and higher education funding. This deal will see the UK's international influence diminish, alongside our ability to tackle big transnational problems like tax evasion, and climate change. Lastly this deal will see my constituents lose the right to live, work and travel freely across the EU. When this deal is most likely voted down tonight, Theresa May should give the public a full say, and hold a people's vote to find out whether the public want to remain in the EU, now that we know what the alternatives would actually be. Likewise, if a no-confidence motion is put forward in the Government, I will be voting for it, as I have absolutely no confidence in how this government has handled these negotiations, or how they've approach so many other important issues such as universal credit, education funding, or the NHS .''