Take action on Brunei after regressive new anti-LGBTQ+ laws introduced

Ruth Cadbury MP has written to the Foreign Office Minister for Asia Mark Field to urge the Government to take action, and use it's full economic, and diplomatic influence to push the Kingdom of Brunei to undo recent law changes, which would see the death penalty introduced for homosexuality, and adultery, whilst introducing public floggings for women who received abortions.

Speaking after sending the letter, Ruth said ''It's simply appalling to see Brunei introduce these regressive new laws, which would seek to kill people simply for expressing their sexuality. This law not only poses a threat to all LGBTQ+ individuals in Brunei, but also to those who have visit Brunei through tourism, business related travels, or as members of our armed forces, or diplomatic staff.

The Government's response so far has been simply too slow, and I was amazed to see a Government Minister refer to the Sultan of Brunei as a 'great friend' of the UK. I believe that the Government need to take decisive action, and put real pressure on Brunei on to reverse these regressive new laws. With both LGBTQ+ , and women's rights across the world under threat, it's so important that we stand up for our values.''